Autism Awareness Temporary Tattoos

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, we’re featuring some of our favorite Autism temporary tattoos! These tattoos are perfect for Autism walks, fundraising events, or anytime to spread awareness and show support. Check out our selection below, or click here to shop the full selection of Autism Temporary Tattoos.

The Autism Lost and Found Temporary Tattoo is an important safety tool for children with Autism who may tend to wander. This design can be personalized with your phone number in case you get separated from your child. These tattoos can also be edited with any text, so they can be used for anyone on a school field trip, family vacation or other event.

The Autism Medical Alert Tattoo below can be helpful for autistic youth or adults. These are perfect for trips or other situations where you may want a cell number or other contact information listed, like a temporary hotel or other residence.

Colorful puzzle designs on Autism Awareness Ribbons, hearts, puzzle pieces, and sayings such as “I love someone with Autism”

Beautiful puzzle design on colorful butterflies in two different sizes.

Adorable black and white dog holding a colorful Autism Awareneness Ribbon with a colorful puzzle design.

Click here to see more Autism Temporary Tattoos or check out our full selection of Autism Awareness Products, including t-shirts, buttons, stickers, hats, and more!


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